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Sandalwood & Vanilla

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A sweet, exotic treat!
Made with sensual sandalwood and delicate, creamy vanilla oil.
This soap has the woodsy aroma of sandalwood paired with the warm inviting fragrance of sweet vanilla. Truly a classic blend.


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Vanilla Fragrance.

Net wt 4.5 oz

Customer Reviews

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Dereck Squire
Ordering again

This is my second time ordering this soap and it might be my new go-to! It smells good enough for compliments but not too feminine

A New Favorite

Love that the sandalwood is more prevalent than the vanilla. Usually when I purchase anything sandalwood scented I can barely smell it. Granted, the smell is strong when the soap is in use. I do agree that if you have an issue with fragrance then this might not be for you. This one lathers well, I don't have to put in work for it to get there. This brand has been the best at keeping my husband's skin soft, since he hates the feeling of lotion. I've deemed this scent a new favorite from this brand and soap in general!

Love it!

It smells great and makes my skin feel moisturized!

not for the faint of heart!

as is true with other skin brewery soaps, this soap gives great lather without overdrying and is a very pleasant shower experience.

this soap smells amazing. like the sexiest incense. it is heavier on the sandalwood than the vanilla, and a little more masculine-leaning in my opinion as the vanilla is present but not too sweet. for me, the strength of the fragrance is on the edge of too much when fresh but it dries down beautifully and carries all day. my partner complained that it was too strong and it bothered his allergies all night.

so if you are sensitive to fragrances, i would advise against this selection. but if you like a buff, earthy, warm fragrance and are not sensitive, dive on in with this! smells great on us ladies, but i imagine it would smell even nicer on a man.

Morgan Swank
Amazing, deliciously smelling product

I already love this soap so much. It smells great and doesn’t make your skin feel tight or papery.